Staff Management

Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways. ― Bob Nelson

The best staff is created, not found. Those practices having team cohesiveness, and the willingness to go the extra mile, usually have owners who take an active role in mentoring and providing the staff with the training and support. These owners are always encouraging their team to be their very best. The expense of training a first class team soon pays for itself. Wondering how to get there? Here’s a short list of how to begin:


  • Written Job Descriptions: Introduced at the initial interview. This is often overlooked and can cause immediate breakdown at the level of Doctor’s expectations not being met!
  • Orientation: An informal, yet structured, on the job program whereby one team member becomes mentor to the new member.
  • Written Task List: Every one wants to do what is expected of them. A written task list is a very controlled way to provide clear guidance to what is required on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • 90-Day Performance Evaluation: You owe this to the new hire as much as you do to yourself. It is here that the two of you decide what is working, what is not working and you both can either re-commit to developing the relationship further, or terminating it. Remember, if the relationship is terminated, that you as the owner/manager must do so in a way that it leaves that person’s dignity intact. Always keep in mind that there was something initially that you really liked about this person. Now is the time to acknowledge the person for that, as you move the relationship forward or end it