A.I.M.M. 4 SUCCESS is an organization on the leading edge of training and technology for the Health professions.

Through excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills, we promise to achieve a transformation for every Practice we consult. By educating, enlightening, and informing our clients, we produce exceptional compliance and satisfaction.

With accountability, trust, and service as the cornerstones of our business, every person who comes in contact with our company has the experience of being treated with dignity and respect.

Dr. Jerry Pyser

Dr. Jerry Pyser probably is a familiar name and face to many of you who have been living in Florida. He has maintained a high profile presence throughout the State since 1990 when he joined A.I.M.M. Marketing and Management. He was instrumental in developing an O.S.H.A. Compliance Training manual and video that became “VIRAL” even before that word was invented! His continued work with this organization as speaker and trainer made him the “go-to guy” for management training throughout Florida. He continues to use these skills to ensure excellent and smooth transitions for both buyers and sellers. Jerry joined with Doctors Choice Companies as their first Statewide Practice Sales Representative. When not in the dental arena, you can find Jerry enjoying life in his beautiful Naples FL home with his two “kids” Tyler and Zelda. Jerry’s is ready to serve your needs, whether it be to tweak or enhance your current practice objectives or to change course & head toward that road yet not taken!

Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey, RDH, MS, LHRM is a nationally recognized compliance speaker/consultant and licensed healthcare risk manager. She draws from real-world experience having worked with offices that have undergone HIPAA, OSHA and licensing board audits. Dentists and teams benefit from her expert level as well as our practical approach to mitigate liability, restore peace of mind and ultimately save money.

Tameka Hopkins

Tameka Hopkins has been training dental practices for over a decade. Having worn and mastered many of the operations “hats” in the dental profession, she is the “go to” consultant when your staff is ready for sound, constructive hands-on training. Tameka’s easy going, yet clear, to-the-point style, will leave you and your staff empowered and once again, back on track toward your intended business goals and objectives.

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