AIMM sells Florida…so if FL is your objective, why go anywhere else?


Every dental practice has unique attributes which can affect its market value. Many variables such as the location, patient base, management, fee structure, technology, reputation, as well as regional supply and demand have to be taken into account to provide an accurate valuation. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your practice as a business, as an investment and as an asset, measuring tangible financial aspects and anything else that can affect the overall value.  AIMM will make sure that your market value that will accurately reflect your practice’s worth.  Using intimate knowledge on local market conditions where you practice, our team can provide insight to maximize your offices value before you sell.


Without proper marketing, your practice can sit on the market for an extended period of time.  We employ direct mail, database marketing, online advertising, and networking events to target qualified buyers.  These buyers include young dentists looking to buy into their first practice or those who are established and looking for new opportunities.


Buying and selling practices is no longer just done locally.  A lot of transitions are done to buyers who are looking for a change in scenery or a complete lifestyle change.  Through a partnership with the National Association of Practice Brokers, we have access to a nationwide network of brokers, allowing us to expand marketing to interested doctors in throughout the US.

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