Money coming in says I've made the right marketing decisions. ― Adam Osborne


Your Practice's Website

Your website exists. It looks great. BUT NOT MUCH IS HAPPENING ! You may ask yourself, what can I do to have more people visit my site, and how can this site create a greater impact on the marketing of my practice?

It is good that you are noticing that there must be something else that can be done.  After all, the airlines are having breakthrough sales via internet purchases, as well as many other businesses today.  Dentistry too, is as much a part  of  E-Commerce. The question is, How?  Here are some useful tips to move you into action!

    1. The first step is to have a web-site consultant meet and work with you. This expert will give you ideas and help design a more interactive site that will give you the “bells and whistles” needed for practice growth. So this first step is about creating an interactive site for existing patients. Your practice has a sizeable percentage of individuals who are already utilizing the internet daily for their purchases and transactions.   We will focus on bringing new patients to the site in a follow up article. So the emphasis now is to create the best and most user friendly site for your existing clientele. Then, as you have grown your practice in the past, word of mouth will spread about the fun and ease of being part of an E-Practice such as yours!Change is always met with some amount of resistance.  However,  converting patients to the use of your web-site will be easy when you follow the next couple of steps.
    2. Complete the re-design of your existing web-site to include all the “bells and whistles” needed to (These are but just a few of the myriad of possibilities that can be done!):
      • Accept Payments
      • Make Appointments
      • Access your Newsletter
      • Inquire as to their Insurance status and other patient info
      • Create and post “internal marketing” ideas!
    3. Send a mailing to your entire  patient database. Invite them to  become an E-Patient in your practice.  This mailing piece should be well designed, exciting and informative. It should have an incentive built in to it to encourage first time use of the site as well.3.Keep your website current. Make it fun to use.  Retain a “web-master” maintain and continually redesign, and create new ideas for this, your new marketing focal point. Your cost for this service will be outweighed many times by the returns of the time, efficiency and revenues to you and your practice.

So you can begin to see that your Web-site can come alive, creating time saving efficiency for you and your staff and encourage greater interaction between your practice and new and existing patients. E-commerce is yet another way to build your practice and will ensure that greater efficiency, profitability and fun is waiting and yours.  Start your engines!